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What’s Wrong with Blackberry?

9 Sep

Big names, such as Jack Welch of General Electric who took stepped firmly entered the 21st century and Louis Gerstner that transforms “dinosaur” IBM business machine manufacturers to “mammalian” intelligent-based information technology solutions provider, is often used as inspiration to realize success led the company .

Unfortunately, both macro and micro environment, these days different from the period in which Jack Welch and Louis Gerstner are leading their companies. Since the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States (U.S.), the geopolitical situation of the world to this day continues broke down. In the economic field, the developed countries are still struggling with the impact of the global financial crisis of 2007/2008.

As for China’s growth rate dropped dramatically from the previous two digits to around 7% only, as well as India, Brazil, and Russia. In fact, the four countries that in recent years known by the acronym BRIC was originally expected to replace the tractor world economy developed countries OECD group.

In the midst of rapid change such as today’s, the fulfillment of the demand that is always able to align short-term strategies and long-term is becoming increasingly difficult. For example, since first launched in 1999, the BlackBerry smartphone RIM products is able to achieve 14.8% market share by the end of 2010. With an average growth rate of 38% per year, BlackBerry has within a decade behind Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Apple.

Difficulty aligning short-term strategies and long-term public began to smell, on June 16, 2011. RIM announced a reduction in its profit target and delay the product launch of its new smartphone, set to go on sale early in the summer of 2012. After the announcement, RIM’s stock price fell 21% and the company posted a loss of U.S. $ 125 million in 2012.

RIM mobilized all its resources to deliver new products. Finally, on January 31, 2013, RIM managed to fulfill his promise launched Z10 BlackBerry smartphone.

But, to achieve this short-term strategy, RIM should pay the long-term strategy. The waiting time is too long while competitors continue to launch new products, make RIM lost three million subscribers and a market share shrank to 3.4%. In addition, the use of touch screen technology and the Android operating system on the Z10 type makes BlackBerry loses authenticity and change the position of the previous trend setter a trend follower.

The waiting time is too long to launch the BlackBerry Z10 could make the move to a competitor which is more in line with their aspirations. The potential for this is unreasonable due to the relatively young age of RIM (founded in 1984), so that the system and procedures of human capital management (HCM) is not as strong, such as Apple (founded in 1976) and Intel Corp. (founded in 1968).

Do you think that Blackberry can survive in the smart phone market? How is the long term strategy or even the short term strategy of the Company Executives? It’s very interesting for me to follow the news. How about your opinion?

How To Download Quit Claim Deed Form for Free

8 Sep

free quit claimSome people erroneously use the term ‘quick claim deed’ to mean ‘quit claim deed.’ But surprisingly, this erroneous term represents something true about quit claim deeds – that these documents are one of the quickest and easiest methods to transfer your property.

You don’t have to go to a lawyer to have a deed drafted. In fact, you can get one for free online. All you need is a fully functioning printer. Here’s how to download quit claim deed.

First, go to any of the most trusted legal information sites on the Internet. In these sites, you can see at least three types of categories that can help you with your legal troubles – discussions, free legal forms, and countless articles.

The legal forms section of these information sites put their forms according to different categories. Some forms are classified as “Premium” – meaning, you need to pay to download them – while others are classified under free categories such as the following:

– real estate forms

– rent & lease forms

– business forms

– employment forms

– general forms

While these classifications vary from one site to the other, the quit claim deed is usually found under the ‘General Forms’ category. If the form, however, is not listed on any of these categories, find the site’s Search button and type in what you’re looking for.

Quit claim deeds can come in two forms – as a text that you can directly copy from the site’s webpage and as a downloadable file.

If the former is true, copy the document by simply holding your mouse from the first word of the deed and then dragging it all the way to the last. Then, open a blank document file on any document processing software such as MS Word and paste the text. Format the text as needed, and then print it out.

If the latter is true, you can find a ‘quit claim deed form download’ button anywhere on the webpage. Simply click on the button, and this should start the download process. In Google Chrome, you will see the progress just above your task bar. When it is done, click on it to check and then print it out.

If you are not sure what information should go on each of the blanks, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. “Grantor” is the person who owns the property while the “Grantee” refers to the individual who is intended to receive the property.

Some of the websites that offer free quit claim deeds include Law Depot and the Electric Law Library.

You can visit this site to get Free Quit Claim Deed Form